In the modern online world, its always tempting to ask a friend or DIY a wedding album, the floods of online shops offering bespoke fine art products and superior photography quality is in the droves.

I will admit that nothing is further from the truth, almost every professional wedding photographer offers wedding albums with different packages and customise the design to suit their style and outlook on each wedding album, we focus on themes that suit the energy and feel to each wedding and incorporate this into our custom designs.


Professional photographers firstly calibrate their screens to match the tones, saturation, exposure, and clarity of online manufactures of fine art albums, this is to get the true colour of each detail down to a fine print and have your albums in perfect representation, with online album sales this is covered over a list of samples sent to the photographer to ensure all tones are on point and colours are true. Secondly photographer spend between 2 to 5 hours designing your album with various software that gives it a flow and arranges the photos in a storybook theme so your day unfolds on in true representation, for the first few times of doing this it can be as long as 8 to 10 hours to get it right but with the experience each photographer has it flying in quicker. Finally, the cost is factored in, photographers don't make a huge profit on selling or adding albums and in some cases don't make anything but with albums supplied to customers with images in their best form we have brides to be following up as the quality of albums speak for themselves, in most cases albums can cost for fine art product can start from £350 upwards and the quality represented in albums bought online for £50 is a million miles away.


So, in a nutshell, please don't skim down on one of the most sentimental things you will cherish on your wedding day and reminisce with your loved one on anniversaries and family events alike or cuddled by the fire with your children talking about how your special day unfolded.

If you would like to check out some of my sample albums just drop me a quick line and visit my studio for a nosey at more than 10 samples we have in stock!