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Wedding Photography isn't about creating dreams its about capturing them, your day is filled with so many epic memories that its my job and honour to help you relive these special moments for life times and generations to come.





So your taking the plunge and getting hitched! you've come to the right place for an awesome documentary candid photographer... its my job to capture images in a candid relaxed and more importantly a natural style on your wedding day, I don't need 3 hours on location, I don't need super "posed" images, I don't need to run home after 6 or 8 hours im there from start to finish and all my packages include a 2nd shooter which lets me shoot super fast.
I must hear ever single bride of groom tell me "I hate getting my photo taken" I believe Im not there to take photos im there to capture trinkets of emotions and spring on a bit of craic in the process, what makes me happy is capturing smiles, laughter, kisses and tears which is the perfect recipe for every wedding.
If you've read this far then keep reading! I offer a completely free wedding consultation and this firstly allows you to check out my range of albums and then which I feel is most important is if my photography style and personality suit you as a couple "super important" as this will let us generate the craic on the day and create epic photos which will generate your first of many family heirlooms.
Fill out the short contact form below and if availability and a full package run down will be sent via email and the tea and biscuits are on me so swing by my workspace at 80 81 Ebrington Square Derry-Londonderry
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