What an awesome wedding workshops day!, I decided to pull all the stops out on this workshop and add the amazing Beech Hill County House Hotel with a few local talented models, this was my first running in 2019 and it didn't disappoint.

We firstly had a chat with some info on business and running your business as a wedding photographer then we started on the fun stuff with using off-camera flash indoors and natural light and off camera flash outside, the day was so beautiful we almost didn't need any off camera flash as the light fell beautifully on each subject.

After a quick pit stop from some lunch included for attendants we set off on our second park, Inspired Studios came along to coach on the 2nd group and he did amazing, its always good to have a mixture of coaches on the day to give your portfolio a twist and ensure you getting a diverse portfolio and a good clash of styles to make you think on your feet and attempt different poses.

I have been inundated with questions asking when my next one will be over the past 24 hours but in honesty, I would absolutely love to run them forms of workshops each month but I would get the return of photographer booking each month to ensure they are viable to run. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THE NEXT WORKSHOP JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP HERE

I will be running my next awesome workshop on the 10th of march which will cover inner city portraits and contain a small group of 5 or 6 photographers so shots can be set up quickly and you can get the best for your portfolio, check out my training section for details of how to book in.

For a quick nosey at some of my album in the studio please get in touch anytime to book a free wedding consultation!