So this is one of the wonders of photography or in my case ultrasound 4D photography. I treated my better half Lindsay to a little sneak peek at our little girls due in just 9 weeks "17th of April" at the amazing Baby Scan NI offices in the middle of Derry city center. We did sneak in at only just 7 weeks pregnant to start with and we could only see a dot on the scan and confirmation that we were pregnant but Baby Scan NI offer 4D scans between 24 and 36 weeks and her face images were awesome... I'm afraid to admit it but she has her daddys massive forehead by the looks of things and an amazing 4lbs 2 with 9 weeks still to go and Lindsay is a very small framed woman at usually 8 stone at normal weight... hopefully she won't get much bigger.

This will be my second child as im widowed with Kayleen from she was a baby but all three of us can't wait to add number 4 into our little family, I highly recommend this service as its a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch glimpses of your baby in its most natural form and a real value for money at only £160 for the session plus prints and a USB pen of all the images and live video of the scan!