WORKSHOP 08/09/18

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So its that time of year when wedding photographers get a breather and relax after the busy months of April til August, just a mountain of edits to whip up and albums to be ordered, ive squeezed in another business kickstarter workshop for the 8th of September at my offices in Eighty81 Ebrington Square to give all photographer new to the business an insight into what key steps they can take to starting there own business.

I have been asked previously "what job do you do full time with your photography job" on more than one occasion and my response is usually "you being serious" as they're is a ton of work that goes on in the background to running a photography business or any business for that matter.

This workshop will cover key elements that plagued me for years when starting out, some workshops I attended myself did slightly skim over important factors and stages to your business but my workshop will touch on key areas in marketing, branding, ideal clients, customer service, pricing, delivery, IPS, client interaction and more...

Im an open book and no questions are off limits so if you lost and need a clear path into your next venture in your photography business then definitely get on board for this excellent priced workshop at on £70 with lunch and a live model/bridal shoot to finish up at the end.

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