WORKSHOP 18/11/18

So I kicked off this workshop with a twist, I have previously added the skills from other photographers to assist me on coaching such as Natalie Doherty Photography and Chris from Oakleaf Photography but this time round I added the Master of Photoshop and Lightroom Lee Mc Kinney from LMK photography.

In his full time job Lee is a graphic designer and commercial printer and I have previously seen Lees training as a previous member of Foyle Camera Club which no longer operates in our town.

The Workshop was split into 2 parts firstly Lee covering the introduction to Lightroom and with some experienced members including myself we were shocked to find little hidden gems that Lee shared over the 3 hour induction!

After a quick break for lunch in Olly’s just a 30 second walk from my building we kicked off the fun stuff with Wedding Photography.

I started off with some basic set ups and information on the equipment used to capture off camera flash and used the beautiful landscape of St Columbs Park just adjacent to my workspace, this ranges from stunning autumn colours to little nuggets of epic natural light, our models Jessica and Aaron are an actual real couple so the intimate kissing and cuddling shots were completely natural to them and more comfortable for the photographers present, the dress and suits really made the photography stand out and fluid.

Its not often with Irish weather to get a decent golden hour with the 200 days of rain every year and the cold climate this time of year but thankfully this time round we couldn’t have picked a better day for photographing an amazing sundown ,the timing was perfect at around 4:30pm and the eye popping golden and yellow flares in the sky came to our aid, finally at the end of the day we shot some of our indoor off camera flash shots and all in all the images the members produced were nothing short of stunning!

This is the end of my workshops for 2018 but keep an eye of my workshop page Mark Hamill Photography Workshops on Facebook for an awesome 2019 and wide range and mix.

Models: Jessica Doherty + Aaron Deery

Suits: The Suit Lounge

MUA: Missy Houston