I took an alternative approach to this 5-week workshop following the theme of some American photographers in giving semi-pro photographers and chance to learn over a month instead of cramming everything into a few hours or one day and the results speak for themselves!

A mix of age ranges attended where we shot 2-hour segments over the 5 weeks and using different models every week, from week one a few simple trails and shoots started and from week two onwards the quality of photography jumped when using the off-camera flash systems and trigger I provide on each shoot.

The craic was 90 most nights with the fantastic models and relaxed environment, a lot of workshops restrict the positioning of those who attend and to an extent a repetitive pattern emerges with a lot of photographers producing the same images but with an average of 4 setups over the 2 hours each week a total of 20+ setups this was one of my most fun and relaxed workshops to date!

I'm considering another release of this 5-week workshop so if your interested keep an eye on Mark Hamill Photography Workshops and Updates on Facebook.

I've provided a few samples of the work that the STUDENTS have produced and none of the photos below have been shot or edited by me.

Thanks to Gracie, Wiki, Jessica and Bree for all your amazing modelling and all who attended to make this possible!

Amazing stuff