Recently I’ve been driving the local talent of models up within my local community of Derry. In a day where everyone is on Instagram and Facebook, it seems the choice of local models is 10 fold but nothing is further from the truth.

I find Belfast a hub with talented models but Derry somewhat lags behind and a lot of the time and models are afraid of a backlash from friends or family and online trolls. I believe Derry has some stunning and extremely talented models in our city and so far after less than a week of search I've found a few amazing models who literally took to the shooting like a duck to water and the feedback from models and family members has been amazing.

I have a series of workshops coming up over the summer and always find that "local" talent should be used.

Modeling is a great way to grow in confidence, meet new people, create amazing photographic art, potentially open a path for a part-time job or if you have a great look a full-time job!

If your:


over 5ft 5

dress size 6-10

confident in front of the camera and a great smile then get in touch!

Here are a few of the samples shoots over the past few weeks.