I held a open workshop last Sunday to give all our local photographers a sample of working in a group of like minded folks who share a passion for photography, the craic was great and models all fantastic but unfortunately with the typical Irish weather it rained almost the entire 3 hours!

Its always a great bit of banter and craic sharing your ideas while directing a few tips and the tricky posing techniques which a lot of photographer struggle with, after a slow start it was clear to see each photographers confidence grow and the quality of shots I managed to sneak a look from the back of there cameras.

I have mentioned this on more than one occasion but I believe photography is like learning to drive..... You can read a thousand books and watch a thousand videos on how to drive but the only way your really going to learn is to get behind the wheel of a car, a lot like photography and workshops, you will learn a lot faster and gain a lot more confidence when attending workshops and networking your skills and getting instant answers to question plus learning to program yourself to capture awesome image while having fun and making new friends!

There is currently 2 spaces left for my next workshop which will cover Bridal, OCF and posing in the Waterfoot Hotel on the 1st of March and when the summer months start a few epic location shoots lined up to keep an eye out on my workshop page for updates!

Special thanks to all the models who braved the wet and cold conditions and the super cool togs who made the effort to attend.