So you've booked your Photographer and the big day is fast approaching and you wondering amongst the chaos what way can you help the day run smoothly without the odd hiccup which is bound to happen.

Here's my top 5 tips for Brides to be!


It may seem like an oversight but chances are you're going to be wearing your bridal shoes for at least 12 hours on your big day, I recommend wearing them for a few hours prior to your day to see if any cutting or chafing is creeping up on your heels, the common phrase "my feet are killing me" has crept up so many times during weddings, another mega tip is to bring a pair of trainers or cool converse for your location shoot, Sharp heels sink easily into soft ground and can potentially ruin your wedding shoes as most photos are shot in scenic areas and grounds, a back up pair of comfy slip ons saves the day and most dresses are long enough to cover your feet in the shot.




Needle & Thread

I've been to so many brides & grooms homes on the morning of the wedding and come across the odd emergency of trousers ripping, things not fitting and even missing buttons on shirts and bowties, these issues can come on all shapes and sizes of disasters but with a Mum, Aunty or Granny on standby it's always essential to have a sewing kit to hand to patch up any minor faults.





Becoming ever more popular is awesome ear rings of all shapes and sizes, brides love to go that extra mile to look absolutely stunning on their big day and a hazard that most don't anticipate is ear rings snagging on guests jackets or dresses, if you've invited 200 people to your wedding and sneak a smooch on everyone's cheek with the leading line leaving the service then it's a very high possibility that long or large hooped earrings can catch and snag on almost anything, small or stud earrings are advised to keep your ears in one piece!





Make Up

Again this might seem like an oversight but getting your makeup right is one of the most important boxes to tick on your wedding day, all professional make up artists offer trial applications and making sure you've got the right look that's going to last you potentially 18 hours is critical to how you feel and look, most salons that provide bridal make up work in groups or 2 or 3 but if you've got that right look from the trial then be sure to speak up and request the artist who applied to you on your trial and not a co worker.




Time keeping

Now again I'm not going to say you have to be on time to the last minute but this is a critical point to have everything run smoothly, usually my brides allow me 60 to 90 minutes shooting on location and travel time factored in but if your running late to the service or "fashionable late" then your doing ok but delays which can run over 30 minutes can affect the quality of your photography with having you feeling rushed panicking or even delay the timing of your food being distributed to guests which can come out over cooked as ovens are usually set to have the food ready to serve at a set time hours prior to you arriving. I offer timelines and questionnaires to all my brides to influence a structure to the day to make your whole experience as smooth as possible and with a few champers and laughs were always sure we get there in the end!



Well that's a few tips and I'm sure there will be a million and one other things to plan years and months prior to your wedding so hopefully these give a few useful insights.

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