So its 2018 and I've come to the realisation that I've to get with the modern day photographers and submit a blog, I'm not sure how interesting you'll find my day to day life and shoots but I'm sure I can add a few things in to interest you.

I thought to start things off I would give you an insight into my family, first and most importantly my wee woman Kayleen, she's 11 year old and a week away from her transfer tests results so were at the edge of our seats hoping for her grade to get into her chosen grammar school but we expect her to do well!, I've recently been including kayleen on my engagement shoots and she shoots with a Nikon d5100 mid range camera and her favourite lens is the 50mm 1.4 but prefers her dads full frame for that "bit of a fussy one" and loves zoella and a few other youtubers, in the next 3-5 years I'm going to introduce kayleen into wedding work and see how she gets on.

Then there comes Lindsay AKA the missus, me and Lindsay have been going out now for nearly 3 years and very much in love, we've recently started to plan for our future and in the process of moving home and downsizing but I'm building a 6m x 8m log cabin studio at our new property in Campsie which isn't to far off, Lindsay works for a local shopping mall and enjoys eating in restaurants, cans of coke and most of all Netflix and sofa when she gets the chance, going out with a wedding photographer  can be a bit tricky at times as we spend lots of time at home but were not really there as were editing and doing all sorts in the studio so a passing hello usually covers it from time to time or she slides a bacon sandwich under the door at lunch times "if I'm lucky".

Last but not least is my sidekick Holly, she's a 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla, not very common in Ireland but extremely popular in England and the rest of Europe!, they're an amazing breed of dog and so loving and energetic that so many owners find them a handful at times and don't factor in the amount of attention they actually need. I would be the first to admit I'm a dog person and spend more time with holly than my family as she is by my side when I working from home. I love any owners bringing there dogs into the studio for a shoot or bumping into them on park walks and seeing how they're getting on, craic is usually 300mph when a vizsla finds a dog that is as hyper as she is, if you looking for a good family dog I couldn't recommend them enough folks.

Well thats the first short blog covered, I'm going to be posting more wedding and studio blogs as the weeks and months come in and share a few experiences with everyone and hopefully some awesome photography images.