Will i need a camera to attend?

In short, Yes, I would love to be able to provide everyone with a test DSLR or Mirrorless camera but due to the average size of the groups I request all attending to have a camera and lens. I advise you don’t need the best of the best as most workshops use off camera flash “OCF” which makes any basic camera shoot epic photography. I also hold various workshops that cover Bridal, Business Kickstarter, Locations such as Drenagh Estate and The Beech Hill Hotel and Ebrington Square.

do you visit or run workshops for camera clubs?

Yes!, Ive worked with various camera clubs across Northern Ireland which include Caw, Dungannon, Buncrana and Monaghan. I charge different rates for camera clubs and bring professional models with me on the nights or provide talks, for more information on Camera Club Workshops email me directly.

what is the difference between 1 2 1 and group workshops/training?

So basically my 121 workshops aim at the individuals (photographers) weak areas and helps them gain confidence with direct training on what minor mistakes they’re making, I also coach you on working with models directly and usually the professional model I use on the day provides some awesome tips on how you can change your approach to work more natural with professionals. In group workshops my time is divided between the group and less detail is given on each photographers areas to improve on and less influence on what to change, group workshops are still awesome but to really grasp your skills I recommended focusing on 121 workshops to fast track your learning.

I dont have the best kit, will this hold me back from attending?

Most certainly not, Ive had hundreds of photographer contact me in regards to attending workshops and so many stop themselves from moving forward in their learning because they feel they haven’t purchased the best 35mm or the new 70-200 2.8, Im confident if your camera is operating well and contains a hot shoe you can achieve amazing results and enable yourself to grow and learn on workshops, never let your kit stop you from achieving as the most important tool you can invest in is yourself!

why should i pay for a workshop if everything is free on youtube?

I get the question more times than you would expect, yes Youtube is an amazing platform to grow and learn from BUT my response is always “you can watch 100 videos and read 100 book on how to drive a car but nothing beats getting behind the wheel of a car… thats when you learn” the same applies to Photography, you need the “hands on training” to really grow and Ive been blessed to watch several photographers grow from my workshops and a handful are classed as professional photographers and now run their own business.

what will i gain from your workshops?

I would love to be able to squeeze every piece of information I know into one micro workshop and thats it but unfortunately I didn’t learn that trick just yet… My Workshops enable firstly for its members to network, my Workshop Facebook Group is a fantastic way to show off your newly taken work and receive constructive criticism to help you learn, secondly you get the real hands on experience… the trick with photography is to work work work practise practise practise and then work and practise some more, Ive had amazing feedback from members who gain cool photos but also confidence to try new set ups and achieve great results. I believe every member walks away a better photographer than when they walked in, finally I allow all images taken on the day to be used for commercial and advertisement use, show off your work and attract clients to help your business grown and potentially gain work from professional shots using a professional model, some workshops in Northern Ireland don’t allow release or use of the images which I personally don’t agree with.

Anything Ive missed just send me a PM, call or email directly folks and I will respond ASAP